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Below are some FAQs to help you better understand the heart and purpose behind Amplify Studios.

1. What is the purpose behind Amplify Studios and your podcast/radio programme?

The purpose for Amplify Studios is to Amplify Worship in Singapore. It's to Make Loud His Praise among His people and in this island. It's our vision to see revival in our nation through the local songs that are inspired by the breath of God. Amplify Studios hosts a Christian Radio on Podcast called Amplify Podcast that features only local Christian music. Reason being that there are many churches and individual artistes who have had albums out there and there is a need to raise greater awareness for the songs that God has brought forth to this land.

A recent survey done by Amplify Studios shows that 49% of Christian music listeners have never heard of our own local worship music. 


The heart behind this program is to create a greater awareness among Singapore Christians of our music, and also to let Christians know that there is a Christian Radio around to accompany them, to bless them and comfort them when they commute to work, school or even in their leisure or quiet time with Jesus, etc. The other factor for this program is in hope that churches in Singapore will be encouraged and be open to use each other's songs in their own worship service. I believe there's power when we sing each other's songs which the Lord through the Holy Spirit has inspired us in our songwriting. I believe there will be a breakthrough when we do that. This in turn will encourage and continue to inspire the churches and others to write and produce more worship songs within this nation. It is very powerful when our nation, the Antioch of Asia, sings her own songs.


2. Do you have any religious affiliations to any church or organisations? 

Amplify Studios is purely independent and have no affiliations to any church or organisations.


3. What is the program like in each podcast episode?

In each episode, we will feature about 6 local Christian songs from various churches or artistes. We will also have a devotion segment which will bless, minister and build up the listeners with God's Word. Periodically, we will also have a featured segment like our BTS (Behind The Song) where we will interview the songwriter of a featured song and gain insights into the heart and songwriting process of the song. We will also feature testimonies to give God glory of what He is doing among His people in Singapore. A new episode will be aired twice a month.

Douglas Yeap

Behind Amplify Studios

Douglas Yeap has been leading worship for more than 20 years in churches both locally and overseas. Blessed with the gift to write anthems of worship songs and also the creativity to produce music, Doug has helped produced three worship albums for churches in the recent past. He has also released his worship songs and hopes to inspire others to do so too.

A graduate of Hillsong International Leadership College with a Diploma in Worship Ministry, Doug has been previously on staff with Lighthouse Evangelism and Yishun Christian Church (Anglican) as a Youth Coordinator, Worship, and Young Adults Pastor. Passionate to see more songwriters emerge in Singapore, he seeks to build this generation of worshippers and equip them to encounter Jesus in worship through Spirit-inspired songs.

Apart from being a singer/songwriter, musician, author, mixing/mastering engineer, music producer, husband to a beautiful wife Vanessa, father to his 6-year-old son Daymien, and an avid coffee drinker, Doug loves to watch planes go by and be with family. An introvert who prefers to stay at home and a passionate Liverpool F.C. fan. Doug also loves to meddle with electric guitar pedals to get the right tone.

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